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With us the transition to maintenance is smooth and easy. This is backed by our refined takeover, after which we provide our versatile maintenance services, which include support, monitoring and keeping the software up to date throughout its lifecycle.

The purpose of our support service is, as the name implies, to provide support, ie advice in case of problems, to solve problems, to manage applications and systems. This allows end users to use the application as intended - smoothly and with ease - and problem situations are quickly detected and corrected.

The scope of the support service is tailored to suit your needs, and the service hours can be agreed to cover the office hours or extended even to a 24/7 service.

Our monitoring service is always carried out automatically using modern tools. Monitoring focuses mostly on the operation of the application - internally or at the user interface level - but we can also extend the monitoring to the availability or performance of the entire service.

We keep the software up to date throughout its lifecycle by updating the production environment at least once a month. With this proactive maintenance work, application components can never become too obsolete.


Continuous development is a great way to maintain your software. Development work can range in scope from just one hour to months of work, and implementation project management can be a single service request or a full-scale and managed system delivery project, as needed.

Small development and secure software release are close to our hearts. We believe in agile development and prefer to publish small publications often rather than large ones infrequently. We are always happy to agree on the means of publishing with the customer even before the start of our maintenance service: for some applications, continuous automatic publishing is suitable and others require a stricter change management process.


We are experts in analyzing whether the code meets modern standards. Qualitative audit of applications covers the evaluation of both the application and its development and production environment, emphasizing how easy it is to maintain and further develop. As a result of the audit, we produce an assessment of the quality status of the application and the recommended measures to improve the quality of both the application and its environments.

We share our expertise by helping our customers and development teams make software easy to maintain. Here we focus a lot on the issues that we also deal with in our audit service. These include testing, logging, automation, monitoring capability, and anything else that is not always on the mind of the team developing the new application or the business owner of the application.

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We know that mutual trust is base for good partnership. We keep the code, data and environments safe. We say what we'll do and do what we'll say. We are not afraid to say no, if it is for the benefit of our customers.


We understand that responding quickly to problems and changes is especially important when it comes to your business. We make sure that our customers' products and services are always available and up to date.


We believe in open and transparent communication with the customer. Only in this way can we provide the truly best service and make sure our customers succeed. Because our clients' success is our success.

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