Statistical System

"Orangit is able to flexibly meet our small scale development needs. In addition they actively take care of the availability and quality of the application. We have been able to add the features we need and thus respond quickly and reliably to the changing demands of the authorities."

Outi Ruishalme, Director of Crisis Centre Operations MIELI Mental Health Finland


The statistical system is an important tool in monitoring the number of customers on Mieli's various crisis aid channels. During the corona pandemic the information produced by the statistical system has been able to contribute to the creation of a nationwide picture of the mental well-being within the population. There has been great interest in the information collected in the statistical system.


The website application has been maintained by Orangit since 2019. Together with Mieli, Orangit has improved the operational reliability of the statistical system by conducting comprehensive monitoring of the service and improving the handling of error situations. In addition, Orangit has developed new features according to the client’s needs and ensured that the security of the application is up to date.


Through continuous maintenance and small scale development, Mieli has been able to ensure the critical reliability of the statistical system. Also up-to-date information on the use of the service and the number of users can be provided to stakeholders.

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