Customer Portal


Portal is the main component of a self-service channel provided to corporate customers by the operator. The portal joins together systems functioning in the background - instructions databank, device database system and database for tickets and orders. The aim of the service is to grow user quantity, enhance providing help to customers and in this way improve customer satisfaction.


Maintenance of the service transfered to us at Orangit in the spring of 2019. During the co-operation, we have especially focused into small scale feature development, improving the stability of the service and deploying modern tools. We also improved the development environment by removing the need to work in the customers office and in their network. In this way we could add modern CI/CD-environments to support the development.


Changes have improved the response time regarding customers changing needs and the ability to recover from malfunction situations. The step-by-step modernisation brings the user experience into the right direction and helps our customer in achieving goals set to the service.

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