"Over the years Barona has accumulated many softwares that have not had a clear maintenance model. Orangit has brought significantly more security to the operation of these services."

Markus Paasovaara, CTO, Barona


Barona and its various business lines have a number of customized digital services available either to Barona’s internal stakeholders or directly to Barona’s clientele. For these softwares it was necessary to find a partner help to reduce the personnel risk associated with existing application, stopping the accumulation of technical debt and solving the challenges of further development.


Orangit has helped Barona to modernize ten different digital services during years 2019-2021. Lots of work has been done to get the services running with up to date tooling and environments. The services are now kept completely secure and future proof. Active co-operation helps Barona constantly to develop their digital road map in the right direction.


Previously Barona’s legacy systems were much more at risk and not proactively developed. The modernizations and Orangit’s flexible way of approaching maintenance have helped Barona to shift their focus from reactive to proactive life cycle management.

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