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We offer versatile software maintenance services

Smart ways of taking care of the existing code reduces the need to start over.

Participating in the development process early on, we make the transition to maintenance smooth and easy for everyone. By challenging the current practises and finding new ones we take maintenance and our clients to the future.

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We take care

Our main focus is taking care of your code and systems. We know by experience that software in production should bring constant value to our customers so ensuring their smooth running is our number one priority.

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We develop

Making small enhancements to the code improves our customer’s success or even opens new business possibilities. If you need a feature or two in your existing system, we are your choice.

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We advise

We will help you also in how to smoothen the transition from active new development into maintenance. We consult and analyse your software development ecosystem to assure quality needed for prime maintenance.

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Maintenance is the new black

In the rapidly evolving software development world, maintenance has fallen behind. It’s nothing but a dragging burden that no one really thoughts about before it’s too late. By the time projects get done the technology is outdated, making maintenance impossible. And instead of maintaining the existing, the work is done over from scratch.

We need modern tools and ways of working, open culture and rapid learning also in maintaining software. We believe in more sustainable software development. Well cared code prolongs the life-cycle of digital services and products and reduces the need to start over.

Maintenance - or better yet - Orangit is the new black.


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